Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Minimalistic phone instructions

So I've just got a "free" upgrade to my phone from Orange.

Its the HTC Touch Diamond p3700, a much smaller phone than my previous. It comes in very styled packaging and contains a "quick start" pamphlet from Orange and quick guide to use the touch interface from HTC.

That's all the documentation you get, nothing else. So how the heck do I use it, or more importantly set it up? ah, I found a three step process on the "quick start" cover:
  1. Insert SIM card
  2. Charge phone
  3. Register your Orange phone

That's it, nowhere does it say how the feck to do step 3 - maybe they felt that putting in "ring orange on the freephone registration number" was too helpful, or maybe they realised that if they did this that someone might ask the even more troubling question:

What's the number! argh, its not mentioned anywhere in the packaging! (why would it be since they never told you to ring it in the first place) Anyway I had to look it up on Orange's website, where the following steps are recommended for setting up a new phone:

  1. charge the battery
  2. transfer your personal numbers from your old SIM card to your new phone's memory
  3. call 0800 079 0027 to register your upgrade and new SIM card

Obviously these instructions are too detailed to put in the box..

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