Monday, December 6, 2010

Bog Standard

I've been having a rethink about my core skills recently - looking at my resume/CV I see that I have spent a long time in the windows camp (10 years+).

So I've decided to jump to the Unix (Linux) camp again for a while.


My main reason is that I don't buy the proprietary platform story anymore - I don't see enough value add. I'm not happy with the constraints, and the monolithic nature of the solution space.

But more than anything, I don't like being on one side of the fence - I don't want to be limited by a particular view point, or a fan boy for linux or windows.

So I'm moving from:
  • Windows 7 to Fedora 14
  • C# to C++, especially C++0x
    • or Node.js
    • or anything that looks interesting
    • and maybe something like ruby
  • Silverlight to HTML 5
I want to be more standards based, and less proprietary, hence bog standard..

Its been a while since I did anything on Unix, so I expect it will be painful, but as I type this in firefox running under fedora I feel I'm investing in my knowledge portfolio...

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