Sunday, May 12, 2013

Not quite the blink of an eye: 300ms vs 100ms

One of my key architectural considerations is how to make Figment Engine as fast as possible - really my goal is 100ms (the blink of an eye). Now of course this is a stretch target, its incredibly difficult to obtain and even more so for mobile users. At the moment its about 300ms and takes advantage of a CDN for everything.

The current design keeps the number of requests very low, and ultimately the assets of the page are quite small. I've avoided graphics of any sort so far (except favicon.ico).

I will need to compress files, especially the JavaScript as it grows and think about inlining some of the core CSS. I will also need to look at lazy loading, to avoid the first render being held up by downloads of assets that are not needed for that render.

Document Complete Fully Loaded

Load Time First Byte Start Render Speed Index Time Requests Bytes In Time Requests Bytes In
First View 0.342s 0.184s 0.299s 300 0.342s 4 6 KB 0.484s 4 7 KB
Repeat View 0.321s 0.000s 0.189s 200 0.321s 3 1 KB 0.321s 3 1 KB

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