Friday, May 10, 2013

Writing code beats watching TV

So I've started to pull together some ideas, concepts and architectures - all of which I've pushed back hard on to just start building an MVP, trying hard to focus on something that does rather than something that is..

Amazingly I still managed to spend too long thinking of domain names, without a line of code written - I guess this is the curse of new ideas, spending too much time trying to find a unique name and (critically) domain name that reflects your idea - rather than working on the idea itself. Given a MVP approach this is pretty dumb, as its unlikely that what you envisage will be the final product anyway..

Each evening this week I've written some client-side portions, be it structure (html: 30 lines), style (css: 54 lines) and some behaviour (javascript: 43 lines) - all without any server side code. I like this approach as I can focus on the user experience (what it does for you), rather than how it does it. Of course soon I will need some server help to give me the system I want, but I'm happy to follow this route for now.

One of the slightly weird things about doing this has been looking at the TV and seeing that it offers little interest compared to writing code - its more interesting to create than consume, but still it surprises me.

I'm also super happy about the expressiveness of the modern platform, 127 lines of codes gives me a bare-bones CLI - of course the JavaScript needs refactoring, but its a start ;-)

finally I put the code into git, I kind of wish I did this from the first day - but I guess I was being lazy. now whats on TV?

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