Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Startup mode: day 0

I really enjoyed creating this visualization, and of course #AWS Well-Architected, and leading and being an AWS SA. ~8 years at AWS was a real learning experience, working with great customers and colleagues. But what to do next? Now that its Jan 2020?
Map of AWS Well-Architected
Map of AWS Well-Architected

So, I have many ideas, which i guess implies lots of experiments. my todo list:
  1. form a company
  2. create a web presence
  3. create product experiments
  4. iterate
lots of my ideas relate to problems i see people have with adopting new ideas, or finding the right information.

And of course "the cloud" is a space i have some ideas in as well. I really think there are many things that AWS struggles to get right, because of the way it operates, and culture. Which creates opportunities for other to innovate. So expect a few #AWS related offerings 1st 

So its "day zero" for me, i don't have a company, product or customer. However, that is exciting. of course i will be doing consulting work so i can feed the family, and of course keep me close to where real customer pain is. 

time to call my account to setup the company. and time of course to do the myriad of stuff that needs doing in real life post xmas. as per recent years, i don't do #NewYearResolution instead i prefer to use words - "balance" is my choice this year.

"balance" here means a healthy mix of time spent on work/family/personal. and in each of those, trying to balance effort across areas in them. i stole this "on word" approach from "How One Word Can Change Your New Year"

*entering startup mode* wish me luck! I hope your 2020 goes well, and if you need to pick my brains or have a #awswishlist idea please ping me!


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