Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Silverlight tag/label cloud for blogger

I've started trying to convert my silverlight tag cloud into a widget for blogger.

not fun :-( Blogger documentation is minimal, and I wasted too much time try to get blogger to tell me the feed address.

Have stopped at the hard-coded version for now - will move it forward later.

This latest version allows you to click on labels and see visually what the co-occurred with. Next steps will be to be able to see the list of posts for a label and to be able to open that post...

This representation does more that just look at how many times a label has been used (as per the blogger widget) - it looks at when the labels where used with other labels - which hopefully give a better "view" of what you are bloggin about.

more later, however the intention is to wrap this up into a widget that anyone can use on their blogger blog..

1 comment:

rebelBodhi said...

awesome! Very cool, the most unique cloud I've seen