Monday, January 5, 2009

Silverlight tag cloud v1.3

I've updated the Silverlight Tag Cloud to version 1.3, this was mainly due to my tidying up of the code prior to publication. I've also improved the use of colour to show groupings better.

more soon..


Graham said...

Hey, thanks for developing this it looks promising, but I am having isues getting it all working on my blog.

One of the original posts mentioned feed labels - how can I tell if I have feed labels on my feedburner feed as required?



fe said...

@Graham - if you use the address for the feed in your browser you should get a list of posts.

On the right hand side is a "filter by category" - these are your labels.

Looking at your blog I think you are nearly there - you just remove the hash symbol (#) at the end of the uri in the code:

var feCloudFeedAddress = '';

(note the semi-colon is a line delimeter in javascript)



Graham said...

Hmmm, I have made the changes you suggested, but I can't see any changes. When I look at the feedburner labels on the rhs of the page they all end in the #, which was why I put it in.I have removed it though, nut as I say ther is no obvious difference.

I am sorry to other you, but can you spot what I have missed out?

thanks in advance


fe said...

@Graham - ah ha! I see the problem, you are missing the first line, where feCloudElementId is declared - so your javascript should be:

var feCloudElementId = 'feCloud';
var feCloudFeedAddress = '';
var feCloudNavigateFormat = '{0}';
var feCloudSize = 400;
feTagCloudLoad(feCloudElementId, feCloudFeedAddress, feCloudNavigateFormat, feCloudSize, feCloudSize);

Ismail said...

NIce. Good work. Thank you